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A publication from OCG's Eric Cousineau and Faraz Khan discusses current Governance issues in Canada and North America within the context of moving from GAAP to IFRS.
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OCG's blog is a resource on engagements with clients and service vendors and provides suggestions that can help you achieve better outcomes.
Originally appearing in an  issue of The Bottom Line News

We are structured to ensure that each client deals directly with our partners, who manage a select group of seasoned consultants. Our client list validates our reputation, while our size guarantees direct access. Large clients wishing to avoid bureaucracy are attracted to us. Small and large clients, each receive the same level of careful attention.  Read more

IT often accounts for substantial improvements in the areas of cycle time and improved information flow. However, the replacement of IT with newer systems is no main business objective, and not a goal in itself. Much IT value can be realized by improving information flow and access with innovative solutions within the existing infrastructure, keeping the need for IT investments to a moderate level. Some common issues faced by organizations include:

(1) Business demands for higher levels of service at lower cost, (2) low workforce productivity or organizational effectiveness, (3) poor application performance, frequent outages and constant fire fighting and (4) long term vision for the IT strategy has not been developed to guide investments in people, skills, operations and technology.

In this regard we offer the following services:

  • Business-IT alignment
  • Business-IT infrastructure consulting
  • Unified Collaboration architecture
  • Multi-protocol Converged LAN / WAN / Wireless / Telecomms architecture
  • Project and Risk management

We collaborate in defining processes and structure to achieve your corporate objectives. With a focus on results metrics, we work closely with you to identify, articulate, communicate, and implement all necessary measures to align your organization design across all operational functions, processes and departments.

  • Structure Design
  • Role and Accountability
  • Process Change
  • Communication
  • Project and Risk management
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Business Unit Strategy

We have specialized skills in articulating and implementing a compelling value proposition and HR strategy to attract, retain, motivate, and develop the best people to capably execute strategies and plans over the long term.

  • HR Strategy
  • People and Talent Management Strategy
  • HR Program Design
  • Leadership Development
  • Performance Management and Measurement
  • Diversity Management
  • Board & CEO effectiveness
  • Communication

Strategy, initiative or project - whatever you call it, it's all about change. Perhaps you are changing your organizational structure, IT systems, business processes, or an IT led transformation project; and, no doubt, you've included the key functional areas involved, engaged a project manager and identified the project sponsor. However the wild card to success, and one that is often neglected, is working through the reaction of key stakeholders. Change is more likely to stick when leaders engage people at all levels in the organization, clearly communicate responsibilities, and provide a compelling rationale for change.
The key to OCG's client service is our ability to integrate functional know-how and complex IT enablement with deep industry knowledge.
OCG is a small boutique consulting firm specializing in Strategic HRM and IT services.

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