Client profile
An established and highly successful food service supplier with three primary business units: private label (80%), retail brands, and food service. This organization operates in both Canada and the United States.

The client was seeking to optimize short and long term sales and profit objectives in its three business areas while anticipating and addressing constant change in its industry, market and competitive frameworks.

OCG Solution
OCG developed a short and long-term sustainable business strategy that focuses sales/marketing efforts on maximizing corporate profitability by: (i) ensuring the best business mix between the three divisions, (ii) ensuring operational flexibility to best meet continually changing client needs, (iii) maintaining a competitive edge to retain the existing client base, (iv) targeting new and profitable business opportunities to drive growth, and (v) developing and understanding segment and client profitability.

OCG’s cross-functional solution enables the organization to: (i) identify and capitalize on the critical success factors in each market/market segment, (ii) identify and optimize sources of “real” differentiation aligned with organizational competencies and objectives, (iii) better understand and focus on clients’ emerging needs of customers, and (iv) utilize tools, skills and techniques to transform good ideas into genuine business building opportunities.

OCG Services
  • performed a Strategic Business Analysis of the full market environment
  • developed a long-term, strategically focused Marketing Strategy, which refined business objectives, identified critical success factors, and outlined the blueprint for strategies and tactics to optimize and achieve business and financial objectives
  • developed and implemented a strategic and tactical framework for Organization Structure and Design to ensure consistency of strategy, structure and process with an emphasis on standards and quality control in all operating divisions and across the organization
  • developed and implemented a Communication platform for Service Delivery, including roles and accountability clarification

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